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Episode: 7

Title: "Ai no Atami Naito", "Night of Love in Atami"


Tsukushi stands there shocked as the lights come back on and she realizes that she has just kissed Doumyouji! Upset, she runs from the ballroom. She stands at the ship's railing and stares out to the ocean and feels dismayed about what has happened. She murmurs that it was her first kiss. Doumyouji has followed Tsukushi out of the ballroom and stands in the shadows behind her. He is really blushing.

He says that she should be glad that her first kiss was with him, honored even. This of course makes Tsukushi very upset :) She is crying. Doumyouji sees her crying just as she runs away from him. Tsukushi runs to a bathroom and scrubs off all her make-up and curses herself for playing along with her Cinderella fantasy and making a fool of herself.

When she and Kazuya go back to their resort room, Tsukushi's mama admire's Tsukushi's dress and asks if Tsukushi seduced Doumyouji with it. Tsukushi just goes into her room to go to sleep. In bed, Tsukushi remembers what happened and thinks that she had wanted her first kiss to be with someone she loved. She is disappointed.

The next day, a crowd has gathered on the beach, staring in amazement at the group of rich people on the beach sitting on lounge chairs under umbrellas and having servants waiting on them. The crowd thinks perhaps they are filming a movie or something :) The F4 are making unhappy comments about the quality of the beach they are on. Doumyouji yells at the crowd to go away. Meanwhile, Tsukushi, Kazuya, and Tsukushi's parents are walking down the beach. Tsukushi's mom is dragging Tsukushi, and tells her to get over there with those rich guys. Kazuya blabs about Tsukushi and Doumyouji kissing the night before. Tsukushi's parents are thrilled.

Tsukushi ends up face to face with Doumyouji, and they both sort of stare at each other, a dull red blush on their faces. Asai and her friends make some nasty comments about Tsukushi. Embarassed, Tsukushi tries to explain what happened to Rui, but he is rude and says he doesn't care, it is no concern of his who she kisses. Tsukushi is disappointed in Rui.

That night on the boat, Kazuya confronts Doumyouji, angry at him for what he did with Tsukushi. Kazuya wants to fight one-on-one. Tsukushi goes back to the yacht, intending to return the dress to Shizuka's room and slip back to her resort room. She doesn't know which room is Shizuka's and ends up walking in on a couple in a state of undress on a bed :) Shutting that door quickly, Tsukushi sees Akira and Nishikado escort girls into their rooms. Everyone seems to be intent on having sex on the yacht that night :) Startled, Tsukushi gets out of the hallway and wanders on the deck where she finds Shizuka at last. But Shizuka is not alone, she is with Rui, and they are talking about her!

Shizuka is saying that it is too bad Tsukushi isn't there. Rui asks why, and Shizuka says it is because Rui likes Tsukushi, right? Shizuka says that when she saw Rui save Tsukushi in the cafeteria, she thought Rui liked her and felt a little jealous. Rui looks angry and laughs. he tells Shizuka to not talk about things she knows nothing of. He says she acts like a princess and flaunts all her looks to the guys without an afterthought about how she hurts them. He says that the idea of him liking Tsukushi is a joke. He laughs. Tsukushi stands there shocked, listening in on the conversation.

Meanwhile out on a fishing boat, Kazuya and Doumyouji are fishing for squids. Kazuya gloats because he has caught 10 while Doumyouji has caught none. They argue about squid-counting terminology for a bit. Doumyouji finally gets something, but when he pulls it out, it is an octopus, which sprays its black ink all over him =) Kazuya laughs. Doumyouji gets mad and they start arguing. Kazuya yells that the Tsukushi he has known since he was little is not the type of girl that gets snubbed by everyone. The Tsukushi he knows is always surrounded by friends and is very outgoing and popular. She is nice to everyone. But since Doumyouji came... Doumyouji asks Kazuya if he likes Tsukushi, and Kazuya says he does. Doumyouji makes an unkind comment on Kazuya's taste in girls and then says that Tsukushi loves him (Doumyouji) and not Kazuya because she kissed him. This makes Kazuya upset, and he starts pounding on Doumyouji, calling him a liar.

Tsukushi is sitting alone on the deck feeling depressed and thinking of the conversation between Shizuka and Rui when Doumyouji and Kazuya return. Kazuya is happy to see Tsukushi. Doumyouji brags about the many squid he caught, and kazuya says he caught them, not Doumyouji. The two guys start arguing and beating each other up. Tsukushi is glad they have settled things between them and that she is no longer alone.

In Rui's room, Rui and Shizuka are on the bed, and Rui is kissing her. Suddenly Rui sits up and apologizes, saying that they shouldn't be doing this because he forced her to come to his room. Shizuka says it is ok. She didn't know he wanted her that much. Rui says he doesn't just want her body. Shizuka says they are a man and a woman, it is inevitable.. Rui protests, but Shizuka quiets him and they lay back down. Just then Doumyouji bursts into the room, and tells them to come up to the deck to eat squid.

Doumyouji has woken up everyone on the yacht and gathered them on the front deck to eat squid. Tsukushi sees Rui and asks him where Shizuka is. He doesn't know. He asks to try some of her squid. She admits that she overheard their conversation. Rui thinks women are too much trouble. Tsukushi asks him not to hate her and calls them 'the staircase friends' refering to their meeting on the stairs all the time. Rui says that if he hated her, then he wouldn't have carried her in his arms even though she is so heavy. (gee how sweet ^_^;)

Just then Doumyouji yells over to them to offer some squid to Rui, thus releiving a tense moment for Tsukushi with Rui. Tsukushi thanks Doumyouji for saving her, but says that that from tomorrow on she won't be easy on him.

Toys used in the episode:
Tsukushi listens to the voice memo say 'One-night Cinderella' when she is in the bathroom washing off her make-up.

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