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Episode: 8

Title: "Shingaki no Akumu", "Nightmare of the New Semester"


The setting is Doumyouji's yacht. Tsukushi is in Rui's arms as he twirls her around the dance floor in a graceful waltz. Rui and Tsukushi stare into each other's eyes, and Tsukushi looks very happy. Suddenly Rui morphs into Doumyouji! Tsukushi is startles. Smiling, Doumyouji leans towards Tsukushi, his lips puckered for a kiss. As his lips come closer, Tsukushi screams. Suddenly, Tsukushi is awake. Her alarm clock is going off. It was a nightmare!

Doumyouji is in his room in his mansion, humming happily. He looks like he is in a very good mood as he combs his hair. The servants come in to serve breakfast, and are also startled by his apparent good mood.

Tsukushi walks to school, and meets up with Kazuya who has arrived in his family's car. The car is white, with funny looking flowers painted on it, and lights on top of it. Tsukushi thanks Kazuya for the good vacation in Atami. Tsukushi remembers her conversation with Rui on the deck of the boat when she asked him not to hate her. Kazuya looks very excited and happy about starting the new semester. One of the many passing students who had been walking by and staring at Tsukushi and Kazuya kicks a can at him that hits him in the head. Kazuya cries and is now worried about the semester.

At her locker, Tsukushi discovers it to be full of garbage that flows out of it. Kazuya cries and looks unhappy, like he doesn't want to face the semester alone. Tsukushi says that she won't be defeated, and Kazuya says he will do his best. Tsukushi observes that it is the beginning of may warm days. Walking down the halls, Tsukushi hears Rui playing his violin. She stops to listen to it . Then she continues down the hall and is just about to go up some stairs when a caterpillar is dangled from a string in front of her face! Startled, Tsukushi jumps back, and sees Doumyouji standing on the stairs above her, holding a fishing rod with the caterpillar dangling from it. Doumyouji is smiling at her and making faces. Tsukushi accuses him of putting the garbage in her locker earlier. Tsukushi then remembers their kiss on the yacht, and gets angrier and turns red. She can't believe that her first kiss was with this idiot. Calling him names, she runs away. Doumyouji happily watches her run away, and asks Akira and Soujirou (Nishikado) if they saw the look on her face. Doumyouji is very happy. Akira and Nishikado look at Doumyouji as if he has totally lost it.

Meanwhile, Asai, Ayuhara, and Yamano are also in the hallway, peering around the corner. They had seen the interaction of Doumyouji and Tsukushi and are definitely not happy about it. They are jealous of the attention the F4 pay to that low class girl. Asai says that Tsukushi really irritates her. Then she pulls out a pink video camera, and says she has something she thinks Doumyouji should see.

Tsukushi goes to the stairway, and is disappointed when she sees that Rui isn't there. Then Tsukushi is surprised when Rui comes up behind her. Rui sits down on the stairs and tells her to sit down too. Tsukushi just sort of sits there staring at the ground. (Basking in Rui's presence I guess :) She moves a little, and the orange decision-maker toy falls from her pocket. Rui asks what it is, and Tsukushi decides to make him try it She asks it if Rui really minds her meeting him on the staircase like this. Rui says he doesn't mind, and the toy confirms his statement. Tsukushi is very happy. Rui just thinks she is weird.

Doumyouji is walking in the hallways, looking for Rui. He comes across two lowerclassmen, and asks them. The younger students are scared silly as they tell him that they saw Rui on the stairs with a girl. The boys are trembling and are expecting Doumyouji to beat them up. But Doumyouji is in such a good mood that he just continues on his way, looking for Rui.

Doumyouji gets to the staircase and is startled/angry to discover Tsukushi there alone with Rui. Doumyouji stands in the doorway and just watches them, looking extremely angry.

Doumyouji backs away from the doorway and makes his way down the stairs. His shoes echo in the empty hallway. Doumyouji looks stunned, his eyes are staring, and his jaw is hanging open a bit. Doumyouji runs into Nishikado and Akira. He is definitely not happy, and talks about Rui and Tsukushi being together. Then Asai, Yamano, and Ayuhara appear and say that Rui and Tsukushi are in love with each other, and that they meet on the stairway every day. Doumyouji is not thrilled to hear this. Then They say that they have video of Tsukushi and Rui from Atami. They give him the video camera, and he watches the scene on the deck of the boat between Tsukushi and Rui in Atami in which Tsukushi calls herself and Rui 'friends who meet on the staircase' and asks him not to hate her. Doumyouji gets even madder watching this. He throws the camera to the ground, breaking it. Ayuhara is upset at the destruction of her camera. Asai slides up to Doumyouji and says that Tsukushi loves Rui, and that first Rui had Shizuka, and now he was going to have Tsukushi too. Asai keeps making these snotty little comments as Doumyouji gets more and more angry. Finally he whirls around and back hands Asai across the face, sending her sprawling. (Yay! Ahem, I think she had been deserving that for awhile..^_^;) Akira and Soujirou remark about Doumyouji hitting a girl.

Meanwhile, Tsukushi and Rui are on the staircase. Rui is holding the orange toy. He takes Tsukushi's hand and presses her fingers on it and asks it something. The toy indicates a positive answer, and Tsukushi blushes. (I wonder what he asked!)
Doumyouji is so angry that he oozes a deadly calm. Akira and Soujirou try to ease his anger, but Doumyouji ignores them. Akira and Soujirou are worried by the look they see in Doumyouji's eyes, like he could kill someone. Doumyouji leaves them and walks down the hall.

Toys used in the episode:
Tsukushi uses the orange decision-maker toy on Rui to see if he minds her meeting him on the stairway. Rui then uses the toy on Tsukushi to ask her something.

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