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Episode: 9

Title: "Doumyouji Tsukasa Kireru!", "Doumyouji Tsukasa Snaps!"


Tsukushi is at the staircase talking with Rui, remembering when she first met him there. Rui remembers too. They talk briefly before they are interrupted by the arrival of Shizuka, who wants Rui to accompany her to her work that evening. Rui agrees. Shizuka also invites Tsukushi to her brithday party in a few days, saying that she has not invited anyone else from Tsukushi's class to the party, so there is no need for Tsukushi to worry about being embarassed again. Tsukushi agrees to attend.

Tsukushi is walking down the hall, thinking about Shizuka when she hears sounds of a crowd, and someone being beaten up. She rushes to the scene and finds a large crowd gathered. Doumyouji's voice can be heard yelling. Tsukushi at first thinks that it is Kazuya who is being beaten up, but it is someone else. Doumyouji is towering over a lowerclassman, who is cowering and apologizing profusely. Doumyouji ignores the apologies. Doumyouji looks ready to kill the young kid just for bumping into him. Doumyouji snarls at the crowd and turns on another young kid, grabbing him by the face and shoving him into a wall. The school nurse, Urara-sensei, tries to stop Doumyoji, and he throws a chair through a school window, sending glass flying. Doumyouji eventually calms down and walks away. Tsukushi and Kazuya speculate on what could have caused Douyouji to go off like that.

No Doumyouji!Tsukushi realizes that she had left her textbooks at the staircase. She goes to get them, where she finds Doumyouji waiting, holding the voice memo. Doumyouji is calm, but still looks deadly angry. He holds up the recorder and plays back the 'I love Hanazawa Rui' message on it. Doumyouji calls Tsukushi names, saying she made a fool out of him. Tsukushi doesn't know what he's talking about. Doumyouji pins Tsukushi against a wall, and then punches the wall, bloodying one of his hands.

Tsukushi runs away, down a hallway, with Doumyouji following her.

Doumyouji kisses Tsukushi!Tsukushi stumbles and falls to the ground. Doumyouji looms over her and grabs onto her. Tsukushi shouts at him to let her go, but he doesn't, he ignores all her pleas. Her hands come up to fight him off, but he holds them down as he presses his face close to hers, kissing her. He uses his bloody hand to untie the bow at her throat and tears off the top button on her blouse, leaving some blood there. He runs his lips down her throat, and lays there. Tsukushi is crying. Doumyouji is still, as he thinks about what he has done and calms down. He feels remorse for his actions and lays a soothing hand on Tsukushi's head, telling her not to cry, he will hurt her no more.

At home, Tsukushi is confronted by her parents, who want to know about the haggard state of her uniform. Tsukushi says she fell down. Tsukushi ponders Doumyouji's actions and his personality. The next day at Yuki's house, Tsukushi tells her about what happened. Yuki is startled at what happened. Tsukushi also invites Yuki to come along with her to Shizuka's party. Yuki's flamboyant sister sweeps into the house, and decides to dress the girls herself when she learns they are to go to a party. Yuki's sister dresses Tsukushi and Yuki in short skirts and short tops. They both look very cute. Tsukushi and Yuki (with Kazuya too) arrive at Shizuka's house, which is a huge, impressive mansion. It isn't until the last moment that Tsukushi realizes that of course the F4 have been invited to the party too, and Tsukushi will have to face Doumyouji again.

Toys used in the episode:
Tsukushi leaves her school stuff at the stairway. Doumyouji finds the voice memo in which Tsukushi says she loves Rui and plays it back at her.

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