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Doumyouji Kaede
  • Name:Doumyouji Kaede
  • Occupation:Businesswoman, Doumyouji Matriarch
  • Seiyuu:Mika Doi
  • Doumyouji Kaede is Daoumyouji Tsukasa's mother. She is a very strong and powerful woman, with a no-nonsense, stern attitude and a ruthlessness that is frightening. She runs the large chain of Maple Hotels that is a worldwide business. She also controls other important business affairs in the Doumyouji corporate empire. Kaede is very focused on her career and her role as a Doumyouji. She likes to be in control of everything, and that includes the lives of her children. She is very formal with them, and almost treats them as pawns in her business dealings. She arranged the marriage of Doumyouji's sister Tsubaki, and she was keen on forcing Doumyouji to marry Ookawahara Shigeru, the daughter of the Ookawahara Corporation. When Tsukasa rebels, Kaede does not hesitate to do whatever she can to eliminate Tsukushi. Kaede does NOT like Tsukushi, and is not above trying to bribe her family, hiring people to lure her away from Doumyouji, ruining the families of Tsukushi's family and friends, and forcing Tsukasa to leave Tsukushi. She is the major 'villain' in the series. I find her much more scary in the manga than the anime!

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