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Aoike Kazuya Character: Aoike Kazuya
Seiyuu: Yoji Ietomi

Height: 163cm
Weight: 50kg
Blood Type: O

Aoike Kazuya is one of Tsukushi's childhood friends. They went to elementary school together. Tsukushi had acted as Kazuya's defender in the past, protecting him from others who would pick on him. It seems that Kazuya's family had owned a farm, but then recently sold off all the land for money and got rich quick. Now that Kazuya and Tsukushi attend the same high school, Tsukushi ends up taking that role as his protector once more. Kazuya is the type that does need protecting. He is physically weak in comparison to the F4, and is a bit geeky as well. This, along with his status as a transfer student, as well as his friendship with Tsukushi make Kazuya the target of the school's hazing. Every day Kazuya runs away from the crowd of thugs that are looking to splatter him with eggs or throw trash on him.

Kazuya also has a crush on Tsukushi. He is very vocal about his "Tsukushi-chan". He is loyal to Tsukushi to a fault, always ready to stay by her side. However because of his puny size and strength, he tends to be bullied easily, and has been harassed and tied up by the F4 on several occasions. His loyalty to Tsukushi will bring out the bravery in him, prompting him to even try standing up to the F4 on Tsukushi's behalf, despite the fact they could beat him to a pulp if they wanted.

Kazuya has a terrible fashion sense. He dresses for one party in a ridiculous garish colored outfit and doesn't seem to realize how dorky he looks. Kazuya arrives at school every day in a goofy car that is white with these brightly colored flowers on it.

The Kazuya picture above is from the HYD anime movie.

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