Hana Yori Dango
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Kin-sanName: Amakusa Seinosuke (Kin-san)
Occupation: High School Student, Fast-food restaurant employee, VIP

Seinosuke first meets Tsukushi when she is in trouble after agreeing to go with a photographer and model for money. The job turns out to be a scam to get her to pose nude, and she is struggling to escape when Seinosuke happens to show up to deliver some food. He sees Tsukushi's predicament and saves her from the men. Tsukushi calls him Kin-san, and they become friends. They bond quickly because they seem to have so much in common. Like Tsukushi, Kin-san works to earn money. In fact, they end up working at a fast-food place together. Kin-san doesn't get along with Doumyouji very well. He stands up to Doumyouji's outrageous behavior, and they come to angry words.

However, Kin-san isn't all that he appears. Doumyouji discovers Kin-san is in fact a very wealthy guy, the son of a huge corporation. But unlike Doumyouji and the F4, Kin-san is not comfortable with his fathers plans for him, and has no desire to take over the company when he finishes high school. He likes Tsukushi a lot, and does not hesitate to admit he wants to be with her. What a rival for Doumyouji! Kin-san is friendly, cute, and is not stuck-up. He can sometimes be a bit rash, and not think things through, but I liked him :)

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