Hana Yori Dango
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Tsukushi is stuck living with two annoying parents and an almost non-existant younger brother:)

Makino Chieko

Tsukushi's mother, Chieko is the boss of the family. She works a part time job to help support the family, and is very thrifty. She is loud and will argue with anyone about the price of anything. She is determined to see Tsukushi marry into a rich family so she can support them all forever. Chieko will do anything to see her daughter marry rich, including sending Tsukushi to an exclusive school. Her voice is done by Watanabe Rumi

Tsukushi's father

Tsukushi's father is totally subservient to Tsukushi's mother. He is usually seen eating rice and making a mess of himself. Papa depends on Mama to give him a weekly spending allowance. Everyone in the family is always hoping that Papa will get a promotion. Papa is fully behind the idea to marry Tsukushi off to some rich guy so they can be rich as well.

Makino Susumu

Susumu is Tsukushi's younger brother. He doesn't really have that much of a role or that many lines, he is just sort of there :) Tsukushi's family seems to be putting all the pressure on Tsukushi to marry rich, I wonder why Susumu doesn't seem to be getting the same treatment. Susumu's seiyuu is Takayuki Inoue

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