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Rui and Shizuka Character: Toudou Shizuka
Seiyuu: Imamura Keiko
Height: 172cm
Weight: 47kg
Blood Type: O

Toudou Shizuka is the 19 year old heiress to a large corporation run by her father. Shizuka is tall, with long wavy brown hair and a very beautiful face. Her beauty and talent have led her into a career as a model. Shizuka is famous the world over. She has been spending her time in France recently, where she was crowned 'Miss Teen France', the first Japanese person to receive such an honor.

Shizuka grew up as a childhood playmate of the F4 boys. Despite the 2 year age gap between them, she befriended the younger boys and formed a close bond with all of them. However it was with the shy, introverted Hanazawa Rui that Shizuka concentrated her attention on most. Shizuka's sweet and kind nature reached out to the lonely Rui and slowly drew him out of his shell. Rui and Shizuka became extremely close.

In spite of her fame and beauty, Shizuka is very down to earth and kind. She befriends Tsukushi and helps her recover from the daily hazings at school. Shizuka is so kind and is such a wonderful person that even Tsukushi finds herself admiring her, despite the fact that Shizuka is the one whom Rui seems to love.

Shizuka isn't just a pretty face though. She also has dreams of her own that will take her out beyond her career as an actress and her life as a rich heiress.

As for Imamura Keiko, Shizuka's voice actress, the only other anime I can find her listed as having been in is 'H2', a really cool baseball anime by the creator of 'Touch'. Other than that it seems she likes stay in the live action realm. She has been in a few Godzilla movies!

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