Hana Yori Dango
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Three brats

Asai Yuriko, Yamano, and Ayuhara Eriko are three girls who go to Eitoku Gakuen with Tsukushi. They are in her class. These girls are very self-centered and snobbish. They have no loyalties whatsoever except perhaps to each other. They are ambitious girls who are doing all they can to snare rich guys (F4 guys in particular) for themselves. They are devious, mean, and cruel. Asai and her friends constantly 'change sides' throughout the series, pretending to be peoples friends when in reality they are plotting against them. Thse girls have gone out of their way to make Tsukushi's life miserable. They are jealous of the attention such a poor girl is getting from the F4. They play many mean little tricks on Tsukushi in their attempts to put her down. Some of their anctics even go so far as to be life-threatening.

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