Hana Yori Dango
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Doumyouji Tsubaki
  • Name:Doumyouji Tsubaki
  • Occupation: Model, wife
  • Home: Beverly Hills
  • Doumyouji Tsubaki is Tsukasa's older sister. She is a tall, imposing woman who currently is a model in America. She was married recently and now lives in Beverly Hills with her husband. Tsubaki is one of the few people that Doumyouji is intimidated by. Tsubaki is very strong and can easily take charge of anything Doumyouji is doing. She can also beat him up quick and easy as well. Doumyouji is somewhat in awe of his older sister. He respects her and kinda fears her as well. And for good reason, considering the pounding he takes at her hands :) One of the things that draws Doumyouji to Tsukushi is her strength and attitude, which is similar to Tsubaki's. Tsubaki wants Doumyouji to have a happy life and to not have to suffer through some of the things she had to at the hands of their parents

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