Hana Yori Dango
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YukiCharacter: Matsuoka Yuki
Seiyuu: Tobimatsu Kanako

Yuki is Tsukushi's friend from elementary and junior high school. They have been friends for a long time and also work together at a dango shop. Yuki goes to a different high school than Tsukushi, so she is not around to see Tsukushi's struggles with the F4. However Yuki supports Tsukushi by giving her the first mass marketable toy of the series, the decision-maker/question anwserer thing. Yuki is loyal to Tsukushi. She has a very flamboyant older sister who wears flashy clothes and is determined to dress Yuki and Tsukushi in a similar fashion. (though we only see the sister once) It is Yuki that Tsukushi invites to go with her places as a sort of 'ally' to help her deal with the weirdness at her school. Yuki is the object of Nishikado's attentions occasionally. (But then again, every girl is the subject of Nishikado's attentions :) However in the manga, Yuki falls in love with Soujirou, but she faces fierce competition from the memory of Soujirou's first love.

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