Nadja's Treasures

Ashita no Nadja is an anime series aimed at young girls. As such, the makers of the series were able to create many extremely cute items for Nadja to obtain throughout the show. Most of the items were made into toys or costumes so that little girls watching at home could pretend to be Nadja too. The display of cute and mass-marketable items began right with the first episode. Here is a selection of goods that Nadja herself owned during the course of the series.

Nadja's Brooch


This is Nadja's first, and most important item. This brooch was all Nadja had when she was given up as a baby to the Applefield Orphanage. It is a very important key in proving her real identity. Bad people are chasing Nadja because of this brooch, and Nadja's beloved Starry-Eyed Knight tells her to guard it closely. The brooch is really a sort of locket that contains a very special ring.

Nadja's Dance Baton

Dance Baton

Nadja was given this item by Thomas when she first joined the Dandelion Troupe. It is a baton of sorts, with two castanets that attach to each end. The castanets also have bells on them. Nadja uses this baton in her early dance routines, spinning it around and jingling the bells. She uses the castanets on their own without the baton during the supercute eyecatch in each episode.

Nadja's Music Box

Music Box

At a Flea Market in Paris, Nadja is given this music box as a gift by a thankful shop owner. Nadja is interested in this box because it plays the same song she danced to with Francis on the night of the Ball. There is a sad story attached to the music box, but Nadja has no idea that the box is a link to her past. Nadja likes to listen to the music box whenever she thinks about Francis.

Nadja's Kaleidoscope


Nadja is given this cute pink kaleidoscope while she is performing with the Dandelion Troupe in Granada Spain. A special person gives her this item, and it is an important keepsake. The kaleidoscope is great because it works as both a cute toy for kids to play with, and a great way for the series to visually depict some of the confusion Nadja has about her love life!

Nadja's Umbrella


At the flea market in Paris, Obaba (Anna Petrova) buys some fabric for Nadja that conveniently matches the fabric used in her Applefield Orphanage uniform. Later on in the series, Nadja uses some of this fabric to make some bows and trim for an umbrella that she plans to use as a dance prop. The umbrella matches her uniform very well, and is extremely cute. The dance routine she devises to go with it is a sort of 'Singing in the Rain' type of thing. This umbrella does come in handy in Greece on a rainy day.


Manga Volume 1

Manga Volume 1
ISBN: 4-06-364029-9
Published 9/2003

I admit that I don't actually own the Nadja manga yet, but I am working on it :) The manja is published by Kodansha, with a story by Izumi TODO and art by Yui AYUMI (who also drew the very cute series Windup Tina!)

Manga Volume 2

Manga Volume 2
ISBN: 4-06-364041-8
Published 2/2004

The writer for the manga, Izumi TODO, also wrote the manga adaptations for Doremi and Pretty Cure. (This comes as no surprise, as those anime series are from the same people that brought us Ashita no Nadja!) This volume was published after the last episode of Nadja aired.


Believe it or not, some of the Region 2 Japanese DVD covers for Ashita no Nadja contain big spoilers for the series. I am hesitant to post images of them here because of this. The first DVD volume has 2 episodes and comes with a little CD single of the TV-size versions of the opening and ending songs. The rest of the DVDs have 4 episodes each, and each comes with a post card that matches the DVD cover. As for extras, all of the DVDs contain a 'clean' version of the opening and ending animation (that is, free of credits and lyric subtitles) as well as a special section called 'Naruhodo Nadja!' This section changes with each DVD, and usually features some live action travel film footage of the various places Nadja visits uring the series, with a narration of interesting facts about each location by Nadja and Kennosuke. On the last few DVD volumes, we get character profiles of Nadja's gallery of male friends (haha!) and some really cute 'be sure to watch next week!' screens with some new Nadja artwork on them. Volume 12 has a sequence of all the stock footage used for all of Nadja's Dance routines, with the music box orgel theme playing over it.


Lets face it. One of the main reasons Ashita no Nadja (or pretty much any anime series, really) was even made was to sell toys. LOTS of toys ^_^; So not only do we have the actual items used in the show by Nadja, we have a huge assortment of other related items with Nadja's face plastered all over them. I have seen everything from Nadja chopsticks to a Nadja play-cellphone (now THAT is a bizarre toy to have for a show set 100 years ago...). My favorite Nadja-related items are the costume sets. There is one for Nadja's Applefield Orphanage dress, as well as for her dance costumes. I can just imagine little girls trying to flamenco like Nadja in her flamenco dress!

Cute Nadja figuresCute Nadja figures

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