Hello, Hello, Konnichiwa!

Nadja Welcome to Finding Tomorrow, my page devoted to the delightful anime series Ashita no Nadja or, Tomorrow's Nadja. Here you will find as much information about the series as I can gather, including story summary, character descriptions, and an episide guide.

I am a big fan of shoujo, or girl's anime, and Ashita no Nadja is one of the best of this genre to come out in recent years. NadjaIt combines action, adventure, mystery, comedy, melodrama, and romance all in one great story about an orphan girl searching for her mother. I fell in love with this series right away, and created this site to introduce the series to others who are not familiar with it, and to share my enthusiasm for it with those who are. I hope you enjoy my page! If you do, please let me know by signing my Guestbook! Thanks to mingyi for helping me with the name for my site ^_^

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