Hana Yori Dango
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Character: Hanazawa Rui
Seiyuu: Yamamoto Kouji

Height: 181cm
Weight: 65kg
Blood Type: AB
Birthday: March 30, 1977
Hometown: Tokyo
Favorite Color: Black

Hanazawa Rui is the quiet, sensitive guy in the F4. He is 18 years old, and is next in line to inherit his father's company. Because he is the heir, Rui's father was always very strict with him as a child, grooming him for his future position. This has left Rui an introvert who expresses his emotions through the beautiful music he plays on his violin.

Quiet and secretive, Rui spends most of his days out of classes, and sitting on a school staircase, staring off into space, lost in his own thoughts. One of his favorite hobbies is sleeping. Rui is the most calm and serious of the F4. He also seems to be the most compassionate of the guys as well, helping Tsukushi out of trouble several times. While Doumyouji always tends to get Tsukushi into trouble, it is Rui who is like the knight in shining armor who appears to aid her.

Hanazawa Rui is the object of Tsukushi's affections, however Rui's feelings for her are hard to discern. His introverted nature makes him difficult to talk to sometimes. Tsukushi has a hard time reading what he is feeling. Sometimes it seems Rui is interested in Tsukushi, while at others it appears that she is merely a source of mild amusement.

Hanazawa RuiRui seems to be in love with a girl from his youth, Toudou Shizuka, an incedibly beautiful and famous idol girl. She is two years older than Rui, but they grew up together, and a special bond formed between them. Rui's exact feelings towards Shizuka are somewhat hard to fathom as well. At some points he seems utterly infatuated with her, while at others he seems interested in Tsukushi. It takes something highly amusing to crack Rui's solemn expression.

Tsukushi feels very comfortable with Rui, despite his strange, introverted personality. While she always feels anxiety with Doumyouji, Rui is like her strong rock she can lean on when she needs support. Their relationship becomes very close, even though at one point Rui calls Tsukushi his 'pet.' ^_^;; His feelings for Tsukushi are deep and complicated.

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