Hana Yori Dango
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  • Name: Sakurako
  • Seiyuu: Shishido Rumi
  • Sakurako is a freshman at Eitoku Gakuen. She first met Tsukushi as Shizuka's party when Tsukushi helped her get away from a drunken man who was pestering her. Sakurako is very cute. She also grew up around the F4 boys and has had a crush on Doumyouji since she was very little. Sakurako still has that crush, and is jealous of Tsukushi's closeness to him. Sakurako attempts to get Doumyouji back away from Tsukushi (if such a thing is possible, considering the question of how close Doumyouji and Tsukushi are in the first place). Sakurako's cute looks hide a muddled character than can be sweet and nice, or mean and spiteful. Sakurako also has a hidden secret in her past that she goes to great lengths to prevent people from finding out.

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