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Frequently Asked Questions

I like getting email from people who like HYD as much as I do! I don't really get much HYD related email any more (not nearly as much as I used to) so most of these FAQ questions are out of date, however I decided to keep them up anyway. Before you email me, be sure to read through this first! Thank you!

How much HYD has been fansubbed and where can I get it?

This is by far the most common question I get. Now that HYD has been licensed in North America by Viz and is coming out both on DVD and in manga form in English, I will no longer be providing any information about fansubbed versions. Go buy the legit items folks! You can purchase the English language versions directly from Viz!

Okay then, do you know where I can get the live action movie, and has it been fansubbed?

If I remember correctly, there was a fansubbing group (Team Abcb I think) that was working on the HYD live action movie, but I think they disappeared and it never got done as far as I know. You'll have to search through the fansubber pages yourself.

Where can I get the anime movie?

The HYD 30 minute anime movie has been fansubbed, but I have no idea anymore where you can get it. All my old links for it no longer work. I have no idea if the HYD anime movie was licensed too, or if Viz only has the TV series.

Is HYD available on VHS, LD, or DVD?

In Japan HYD was released only on VHS, and even then it was at high prices aimed for the video rental store market, and not the average consumer. HYD was not released on DVD or LD by Toei. Viz has acquired the rights to the HYD anime, and is releasing it in the USA on DVD. (hurray!) I have some more info about it over in the 'Anime' section of this site.

Where can I purchase HYD music CDs?

There are lots of places that might have HYD CDs. I got mine through an online store called JIGS (Japan Internet Goods Shop). Though they had the series listed as 'Hana Yori Danshi', The CDs I got were the right ones :) Their service was fast and relatively cheap, considering I have the REAL CDs, and not those cheap Taiwan bootleg ones. Unfortunately the bootleg ones are much easier to find, but because I would prefer it if people somehow got the legitimate CDs, I am not gonna offer any help to find the bootleg SM or Ever Anime versions, sorry! I am pretty sure the legit CDs are out of print by now, so I am not exactly sure where you can get them at the moment.

Will HYD be released in the US commercially?

Yes. Both the anime and manga will have been released in the US by Viz.

Where do you get your HYD manga, and can I get it too?

I lived in San Francisco. That meant easy access to manga. I got most of mine at the Kinokuniya bookstores in San Francisco or San Jose. No, I can't mail you any manga. If you are looking for the English version of the manga, you can purchase it directly from Viz. As for the original Japanese versions, there are several online shops that have it. Try JP Queen or Amazon Japan. If you can read Japanese, then check out my favorite online Japanese bookstore, BK1. If you are looking for HYD in other languages (like Chinese) I am afraid I can't help you. I don't really know much about finding other versions of the manga.

Where did you get your HYD artbooks?

I got my artbooks from kinokuniya also. Try the same sites as above for the manga, but search for the ISBNs I have included for the artbooks. I am not sure if the artbooks are still in print, so they may not be able to get them for you, but it is worth a shot. Otherwise you can always keep an eye on ebay auctions. They sometimes get HYD artbooks.

Thanks for reading this FAQ! Now if you have any other questions or comments, please email me at MagicalEmi at aol.com. Thanks!

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