The artwork in Katte ni Kaizou is very... interesting. While the series has very crude humor and a lot of strange characters, the art style is not ugly or grotesque. Instead it is simplistic, like in the actual manga panels, yet there will be very detailed opening chapter images and tankoubon covers. This style was developed during the author's revious series, Go! Southern Ice Hockey Team. That series started off with very traditional detailed shounen manga art, and slowly become more and more simple with each passing volume until the characters looked angular and simple like the characters in this series do. Kumeta-sensei likes to outline shadows and textures. The girls in the series often wear very cute outfits consisting of many layers of shirts and skirts with different patterns and fringe on them. The "weird" characters are sort of cute too...

Here is a selection of images from the series. Hopefully you will get an idea of what I mean! Right now I only have galleries for a couple of characters, but I hope to add galleries for the rest of the main gang soon.

Chapter title pages
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