Katte ni Kaizou is by Kohji Kumeta, and runs for a total of 26 volumes. The series was serialized and published in Shounen Sunday comics on a weekly basis. Each Volume has that nifty art on the front cover (which you can see by clicking on a volume ISBN) and then the back cover always has a set of 16 pictures of small objects that have to do with events in each story chapter in that volume. Before opening the manga for the first time, I will look at the pictures to see what I can expect. Sometimes the pictures make me worry very much! ^_^ Earlier volumes of the manga had the same image that was on the book cover printed on the actual paperback cover of the book, but later volumes began to have different things on the books underneath the jackets.

Here are the ISBN # for the volumes:

Volume 1: ISBN4-09-125531-0    Volume 14: ISBN4-09-126174-4
Volume 2: ISBN4-09-125532-9    Volume 15: ISBN4-09-
Volume 3: ISBN4-09-125533-7    Volume 16: ISBN4-09-
Volume 4: ISBN4-09-125534-5    Volume 17: ISBN4-09-
Volume 5: ISBN4-09-125536-1    Volume 18: ISBN4-09-
Volume 6: ISBN4-09-125536-1    Volume 19: ISBN4-09-
Volume 7: ISBN4-09-125537-X    Volume 20: ISBN4-09-
Volume 8: ISBN4-09-125538-8    Volume 21: ISBN4-09-
Volume 9: ISBN4-09-125537-X    Volume 22: ISBN4-09-
Volume 10: ISBN4-09-125540-X  Volume 23: ISBN4-09-
Volume 11: ISBN4-09-126171-X  Volume 24: ISBN4-09-
Volume 12: ISBN4-09-126172-8  Volume 25: ISBN4-09-
Volume 13: ISBN4-09-126173-6  Volume 26: ISBN4-09-

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Katte ni Kaizou is © Kohji Kumeta and Shogakukan/Shounen Sunday Comics.