Katte ni Kaizou Features a main group of 5 characters, but has a large supporting cast. The central characters are as follows (click on their names to learn more about them):

Katsu Kaizou: Our hero! A school boy who believes everything is a consiracy by aliens to take over the Earth.

Umi Natori: Kaizou's love interest. Well, sort of. She has a sarcastic edge to her, and doesn't put up with Kaizou's anctics.

Suzu: Often referred to by the title of 'doctor', Suzu is really smart but a bit strange. She's often compared to Ayanami Rei.

Yamada-san: The most 'normal' of all the characters, Yamada-san is very cute, and seems more 'proper' than the rest.

Chitan: A very strange classmate... and the victim of just about every horrible thing that happens at the school.

Miscellaneous Weirdos: Every chapter features some new weird person or group that is part of the general mayhem that is Katte ni Kaizou!

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Katte ni Kaizou is © Kohji Kumeta and Shogakukan/Shounen Sunday Comics.