Princess Tutu

Title: Princess Tutu    •   Year: 2002-2003    •   Episodes: 26 I had thought that Tonde Buurin was one of the most bizarre magical girl shows out there. But then along came Princess Tutu! Princess Tutu is the story of a story. That is, it is about how old stories or fairytales have become reality in a small, European-like town. A long […]

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ultra Ultra Maniac

Title: Ultra Maniac    •   Year: 2003    •   Episodes: 26 The Ultra Maniac anime is based on the manga by Marmalade Boy creater Yoshizumi Wataru. It is not so much the story of a magical girl, but rather, the story of a normal girl who has to suffer through the helpful magic of a magical girl ^_^; The anime is […]

sailor Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

    Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon is one of the most popular Magical Girl anime of all time. It began its run in 1992, and on February 8, 1997, the series finally came to an end with episode #200. Each year’s series has a slightly different name. The first season is called simply “Sailor Moon”. This […]


cureblossom-henshin Henshin!

One of the many trademarks of a Magical Girl Anime show is the transformation sequence. This is the bit of stock footage accompanied by a peppy BGM that changes the ordinary young girl into her Magical alter-ego. She is surrounded by everything from flashing colors and ribbons, to wings, balloons, and bubbles.A transformation sequence is usually […]

pokota Pets

Talking Pet mascots are a mainstay of Magical Girl Anime. They appear, in some form or other, in nearly all magical girl shows. The pets can be anything from plush animals to creatures not of this earth, and everything in between. Talking Pets play a very important role in Magical Girl Anime in that they […]

items Magical Items

Ahh Magical Items… no self-respecting Magical Girl Anime show would be without them! Magical Items in a Magical Girl Anime play a pivotal role in the plotlines of most of the series, as well as lead the onslaught of merchandising that always accompanies one of these series. The purpose of a Magical Item, other than […]