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Ai Tenshi Densetsu Wedding Peach

  • Title: Ai Tenshi Densetsu Wedding Peach
  • Japanese Title: 愛天使伝説ウェディングピーチ
  • Other Names: Legend of the Love Angel Wedding Peach
  • Airdates: April 5, 1995 – March 27, 1996
  • Episodes: 51
  • Format: TV Series
  • Studio: NAS
  • Tags: , ,

HANASAKI Momoko is the main star of Wedding Peach, a Magical Girl anime about the battle over the Love on Earth between Angels and Devils. Momoko is a bright, cheerful second-year junior high school girl. She has big pink hair that is tied with two yellow handkerchief-type things. She stands out wherever she goes!

One day Momoko is eating crepes with her friends, when she is attacked by a fearsome devil. The villain seems to be after the Saint Something Four, a thing that is powerful enough to destroy or save the world of the Angels. The villain thinks that this item is Momoko’s ruby ring, and thus attacks her. The villain is thwarted, however, when Limone, a handsome blond man appears and gives her a Magical Item that when used with the proper magical words (“Wedding Beautiful Flower!”) will transform her into the Love Fighter Wedding Peach. One thing I don’t like about this series is that her transformation sequence stays the same throughout the series. At least with Sailor Moon, they would give her a new one every year.

Wedding Peach appears in a wedding dress at first, holding a bouquet of flowers. However, as this outfit is a bit uncomfortable to fight in, Momoko then does a second transformation into a much skimpier, but functional outfit in which she fights the devils. Apparently the wedding dress stage serves the purpose of allowing Wedding Peach to store up enough love power with which she can defeat the devils. A common ploy of the devils is to send tiny devils into normal people to possess them, draining them of their love, and turning them against each other. It is Wedding Peach’s mission to open people’s eyes to love, and to protect the world of Angels (ruled by Queen Aphrodite) from the devils. Another thing the villains do is send a very cliche-type henchman to Earth to kill the Ai Tenshi. There was one really cool looking one with this red hair named Ignus. He had taken up residence with a classmate of the Ai Tenshi…

Fortunately for Momoko, she does not have to fight alone. In the beginning, her two best friends are also transformed into Love Fighters, Tanima Yuri becomes Angel Lily, and Tamano Hinagiku becomes Angel Daisy. Eventually a fourth Ai Tenshi appears, in what looks to me like yet another blatant Sailor Moon ripoff. The new Tenshi is a little older than the main three, and her attitude is much more serious. She wields a sword and is very aggressive. Her name is Angel Salvia. She seems cold, and works as a loner I think. She really reminded me of a combination of Sailors Uranus and Neptune. Angel Salvia often wants to kill the monster of the episode, while Angels Lily, Daisy, and Wedding Peach have to step in and stop her.

Another one of my favorite Wedding Peach villains, is this girl named Potomas. She is a very cute, cheerful, but slightly deranged girl with this violet hair that she wears up in these cork-screw type of curls on top of her head. Potomas develops an infatuation with Yousuke, Wedding Peach’s love interest guy. Potomas is very aggressive, going after Yousuke, but he keeps pushing her away. The funny thing about Potomas, is that her voice is done by none other than Mitsuishi Kotono, who is also the voice of Sailor Moon! Potomas has a habit of ending every sentence with the phrase ‘mitai naaaaaaa!’ It is very cute.