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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R

  • Title: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R
  • Japanese Title: 美少女戦士セーラームーンR
  • Other Names: Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon R
  • Airdates: March 6, 1993 – March 12, 1994
  • Episodes: 43
  • Format: TV Series
  • Studio: Toei
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Sailor Moon R is the second season of the Sailor Moon anime. After the dramatic ending of the first season, Sailor Moon R follows the senshi as they are re-awakened to fight two new threats.

For the first 13 episodes of the season they fight the alien brother-sister duo of Ail and Ann. They also encounter a new ally called the Moonlight Knight. He operates in a similar fashion as Tuxedo Kamen. Perhaps there is some kind of connection… The Ail and Ann story arc was an anime-only filler story created by Toei to buy series creator Naoko Takeuchi time to develop the real second story arc, the fight against the Black Moon Clan.

For the latter half of the season they face off against a shadowy villain called Wiseman. In the future, Crystal Tokyo is attacked by Wiseman and his Black Moon Clan. To continue their war they travel back in time to stop the people responsible for creating Crystal Tokyo, Usagi and Mamoru (as Serenity and Endymion). A young girl named Chibi Usa travels back as well in order to stop the Black Moon Clan and save her future parents: Usagi and Mamoru!