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Magical Girls Through the Years

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Magical Girls Save the World

Welcome to my Magical Girls Page! This is a site I originally created back in 1996 or so. It languished for a very, very long time, but I have FINALLY revamped it for the new millennium, lol. The purpose of this site is just to express my affection and appreciation for magical girl anime. I’m not an all-knowing expert or scholar, just a fan, so if you see anything that’s hideously inaccurate, please let me know via my contact page, and I’ll to my best to verify and correct. I just want this site to be a fun pastel magical resource for other Magical Girl fans! Thanks!



What Are Magical Girls?

What are Magical Girls? Where did they come from and what makes them special? What are the different types of Magical Girl?

The Great Magical Girl Timeline

Here is a visual timeline of all the major Magical Girl shows since the beginning with Mahoutsukai Sally. Explore the progression of shows over the decades and see how they evolve!

A Random Selection of Magical Girls