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Corrector Yui

  • Title: Corrector Yui
  • Japanese Title: コレクターユイ
  • Other Names:
  • Airdates: April 2, 1999 – October 6, 2000
  • Episodes: 52
  • Format: TV Series
  • Studio: Nippon Animation
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Corrector Yui is based on an original manga by mangaka Kia Asamiya. It is sort of like Tron crossed with a magical girl show. The heroine is Yui KASUGA, an average girl who is not very good with computers. This is not exactly a good thing, because in her time computers are a huge part of everyone’s lives. ComNet is a massive network that everyone relies on. Unfortunately, ComNet is under attack by a Grosser, a host computer that has gained self-awareness (should have named it the Master Control Program!). To fight Grosser, a computer programmer has created 8 programs. (Tron!)

Unfortunately, the programs can’t really fight on their own. One day Yui ends up trapping one of these programs, IR, onto one of her discs. IR explains the situation to her, and actually zaps her into the computer world. Once there, they discover that Grosser is attacking another program with an army of bugs. IR tells Yui that she has to be the one to fight the bugs. Together they come up with an idea for a weapon she can use to fight. It is sort of a virtual reality type of suit. IR calls Yui a ‘Corrector’ and sends her off to fight the bugs and fix the program. Even though she is bad with computers in real life, she does a pretty good job of fighting in the virtual world.

Yui has the usual trappings of a magical girl. She has attack words and transformation words, IR is her talking pet, he gives her some cool magical items like a bracelet that will allow her to always be in contact with ComNet (something not everyone can do!), and she has a transformation sequence when using her powers. The series also has some similarities to Card Captor Sakura in that Yui has a lot of colorful outfits, and she must go around capturing things.