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Miracle Girls

  • Title: Miracle Girls
  • Japanese Title: ミラクル★ガールズ
  • Other Names:
  • Airdates: January 8, 1993 – December 24, 1993
  • Episodes: 51
  • Format: TV Series
  • Studio: Japan Taps
  • Tags:

Miracle Girls is the story of Tomomi and Mikage Matsunaga. They are high-school age identical twins with magical powers. Mikage and Tomomi may look alike, however their personalities are very different. Mikage is the frilly, feminine one, while Tomomi is the athletic tomboy. Despite their differences, the twins are best friends. Their special bond is aided by their magical powers of telepathy to one another, along with telekinesis and teleportation. The latter two powers only work when the two girls link pinky fingers together and cooperate by concentrating on the same goal. Their ESP powers provide much of the action in the story, causing all sorts of mischief for their friends, boyfriends, and their school at large. Like most Magical Girls, Mikage and Tomomi have magical items, namely flower-shaped matching bracelets that seem to enhance their natural-born powers.

Unlike other magical girl shows, this one lacks transformation sequences and alter-ego personas, as well as a talking pet. They have to rely on each other for guidance and support. Furthermore, their powers for the most part come naturally, and are not a direct result of magic from their bracelets. They don’t fight some greater evil. Most of the stories revolve around dealing with a teacher at their school who suspects them of having strange powers. There are also stories that take place at various school events or are about their boyfriends. It’s a very cute show