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Kaitou Saint Tail

  • Title: Kaitou Saint Tail
  • Japanese Title: 怪盗セイント・テール
  • Other Names: Mysterious Thief Saint Tail
  • Airdates: October 12, 1995 – September 12, 1996
  • Episodes: 43
  • Format: TV Series
  • Studio: TMS
  • Tags:

Kaitou Saint Tail is the story of Meimi, a student at Saint Paulina middle school. Meimi is very cute, with long red hair and a cheerful personality. Her best friend is a fellow student named Seira. Meimi is not your typical middle school student, however. By day she follows the school routine, but by night she leads a secret life as Kaitou Saint Tail, a master thief with magical powers.

Saint Tail, with the help of Seira who is in training to become a nun, acts as a sort of guardian angel, stealing valuable things for good causes. Often she returns things stolen by others from their rightful owners, or goes after things of great sentimental value. Saint Tail helps those in need. Her character is a sort of cross between another Magical Girl, Magical Emi, and the thieves of Cat’s Eye.

All is not easy for Saint Tail, despite her remarkable magical skills. The police are always after her, intent on capturing the mysterious girl. One of the main figures determined to capture Saint Tail is Asuka Jr., son of a policeman, and classmate of Meimi. He does not realize how close he is every day at school to his target, despite the fact that Meimi likes to have fun with Asuka Jr. by leaving surprise hints about St. Tail’s activities in unlikely places all around him.

While Saint Tail does not have a talking pet really, she does have an adorable little hedgehog mascot named Ruby. Ruby wears a little bow that matches Saint Tail’s costume.

Kaitou Saint Tail is © Tachikawa Megumi, Kodansha, ABC, Dentsuu, TMS.