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International Magical Girls

Flowering Heart

Country: South Korea
Villains are draining the Flowering Kingdom of Hopeful Energy. Chess, heir to the Flowering Kingdom is banished to Earth, where he is (usually) stuck in the form of a little blue hamster with wings. His evil stepmother is trying to place her other son, Prince Trump, on the throne instead. 5th Grader Ari finds Chess when he’s injured and ends up with his magical flower ring. Thanks to Ari’s own hopeful and helpful energy magic, she is able to use the ring to transform into an older version of herself and collect Hopeful Energy for Chess in order to restore the Flowering Kingdom.

Secret Jouju

Country: South Korea
Series 1: Seasons: 7 / Episodes: 116 (10 min ea.)
Series 2: Seasons: 6 / Episodes: 75 (10 min ea.)
Series 3: Seasons: 3 / Episodes: 36
Jouju is a fairy in Fairytale land who uses her magic powers to turn herself into a princess in order to win the love of handsome Prince Louis. However Jouju was not supposed to use the magic on herself, and her powers stopped working right when an evil queen attacked. Fortunately, a magic book was able to stop the evil queen and swallow her up, but it also swallowed up the prince and all of Fairy Tale Land, leaving Jouju all alone! In order to restore Fairy Tale land, Jouju must go to Earth and make friends who can help her return to Fairy Tale Land. Series 2 updates the character designs and reboots the story, Series 3 Changes the characters, improves the animation, and reboots the story.


Ruby is a normal teenager who buys a magic sketchbook at a local shop. It turns out there is a prince trapped by a curse inside the sketchbook, and he can only appear to Ruby as a small mascot version of himself. But by opening the book, Ruby has pretty much bound herself to the task of breaking the curse and freeing him. To do this, Ruby can use a magic pen and draw in the book and she will become an older version of herself named Sofy. When Ruby turns into Sofy, the Prince can turn into his normal handsome form and help her clear missions to bring them closer to breaking the curse.

Catch! Tiniping

Country: South Korea
Airdate: March 19, 2020 – ongoing

Cute mind fairies called Tiniping live in the Emotion Kingdom. However, due to some mishap, they are released into the human world. Some of them help people and some make mischief. Romi is princess of the Emotion Kingdom, and it’s her mission, with the help of some Royal Tinipings, to capture all the escaped fairies and return them to their world. To do this, she transforms into the magical girl Princess Heart.

Balala the Fairies

Country: China

Balala the Fairies is basically China’s version of Precure. There are several seasons and even some live action.
Live Action
Season 1: Balala the Fairies
Season 2: Balala the Fairies: The Mystery Note
Season 3: Balala the Fairies: Rainbow Heart 
Season 4: Balala the Fairies: Miracle Dance
Season 5: Balala the Fairies: Finding Melody 
Season 6: Balala the Fairies: Over the Rainbow
Season 7: Balala the Fairies: Ocean Magic  (2 seasons – season 2 is CG animated)

Little Flower Fairy/
Flower Angel

Country: China
Season 1: 2014, 52 Episodes
Season 2: 2015, 52 Episodes
Season 3: 2018, 40 Episodes
Season 4: 2018, 40 Episodes
Season 5: 2019, 26 Episodes

A long time ago, a powerful fairy queen saved the flower fairy land from evil. Afterwards, she sealed the power she used to do it into a book so that if flower fairy world is threatened again in the future, a destined girl will be able to read from the book and use its magic to save the land once again.

Love Elf Jier

Country: China (2017)
Episodes: 52
The head witch of a magic academy asks Jier to accompany the cute talking mascot (an Angel of Love) on a mission to Earth where they will collect love energy. Jier also tries to rekindle her friendship with Bingbing, a close friend she lost due to a misunderstanding. However Bingbing accidentally releases an evil Demon Queen and soon becomes influenced by her, so she rejects Jier’s attempts to reconcile and also works to thwart Jier’s effort to collect love energy.

Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir

Country: France (co-production with Toei)

Marinette is a teenager in Paris who uses a magical item called Miraculous to transform into Ladybug, a superhero who protects the city from the evil Hawk Moth. She fights alongside another superhero, the mysterious Chat Noir who uses a similar magical item. Little does Marinette know that Chat Noir is really Adrien, the boy at school she has a crush on. And little does Adrien know that his school mate Marinette is the Miraculous Ladybug he has a crush on.


Country: France
Season 1 (2014-2016): 26 episodes
Season 2 (2017): 26 episodes
Teenager Iris dreams of being an idol singer/pop star. Her voice is literally magical. One day when she auditions for an idol group in a contest, she is attacked by 2 evil strangers. She’s helped by the judges of the contest, who tell her that she is really the princess of a magical kingdom that was defeated by an evil villain. Iris’s mother, the Queen, scattered magic gems (gems from the magical royal crown of her kingdom) all over the world, and Iris has to try to find all of them while avoiding the minions of the bad guy. She has a magical pendant that allows her to transform into a magical princess so she can fight the bad guys. She spends the course of the series learning about her powers, gathering gems, and being part of a rock band, all while trying to save her kingdom.


Country: France/USA

Winx Club

Country: Italy
Season 1 (2004): Episodes: 26
Season 2 (2005): Episodes: 26
Season 3 (2007): Episodes: 26
Season 4 (2009): Episodes: 26
Season 5 (2012): Episodes: 26
Season 6 (2014): Episodes: 26
Season 7 (2015): Episodes:26
Season 8 (2019): Episodes:26
An Italian magical girl show that was dubbed into English and very popular in the US. It follows the adventures of a seemingly normal 16 year-old girl named Bloom who meets and helps a fairy named Stella. Bloom discovers that she, too, is actually a fairy, and Stella takes her to the magical world where she will attend a magic fairy school. At the school, Bloom learns more about her powers, her history, and makes a close group of friends while also fighting off some evil witches who want her powers.

Star vs. the Forces of Evil

Country: USA
Season 1 (2015): 13 Episodes
Season 2 (2016): 22 Episodes
Season 3 (2017): 21 Episodes
Season 4 (2019): 21 Episodes

14 year-old Star Butterfly is the princess of a magical dimension. She is sent to our dimension as part of her training to eventually assume the throne and to tone down her wild ways. On Earth, she makes friends (in particular a boy named Marco), attends school, and goes on adventures. Using dimensional scissors, she can visit other realms, and she has a magic wand with great powers.